Publishing a react library with minimal config

Looking to create your own react library? Want to avoid using create-react-library? Let me walk you through a super simple solution using microbundle!

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September 30, 2020

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Setting up

First thing first, this way of doing things might not be optimal! However, this is the fastest way I found to build/publish a library. My project is here. As of writing this, the README is empty, there's no examples nor test. But for the sake of shipping it it's online. Use it at your own risk šŸ˜œ.

First, let's init our package.json :

npm init --yes

Then, install our dependencies. I'll skip explaining the linting and publishing steps as there are a lot of great articles on the topic.

yarn add -D react react-dom microbundle

react and react-dom are pretty straightforward. microbundle is a really sweet project I found while looking if I could use parcel for the task. It does everything we need to bundle our library. Big perks, it takes barely any config šŸ’Ŗ.

Configuring our bundler

As I said, there's really not a lot to do here! Add the following to your package.json!

  "source": "src/index.js",
  "main": "dist/hooks.js",
  "module": "dist/hooks.module.js",
  "unpkg": "dist/hooks.umd.js",

Basically, we're saying index.js is our entry file and the other three are the output file for each bundle type.

Then, we can add two new scripts to use microbundle:

  "build": "microbundle",
  "dev": "microbundle watch",

build will bundle everything and output it into the dist/ folder while dev will let us work on our hooks in peace.

Right now, nothing is working and that's perfectly fine. We didn't code anything just yet.

Creating your custom hook

Here's what your repo will look like in just a few seconds:

ā”œā”€ā”€ package.json
ā”œā”€ā”€ src
ā”‚   ā”œā”€ā”€ index.js
ā”‚   ā””ā”€ā”€ use-interval.js
ā””ā”€ā”€ yarn.lock

You have to create a src/ folder and add index.js and use-interval.js. We will define the following hook in use-interval.js:

import {useRef, useEffect} from 'react'

const useInterval = (callback, delay) => {
  const savedCallback = useRef()

  // Remember the latest callback.
  useEffect(() => {
    savedCallback.current = callback
  }, [callback])

  // Set up the interval.
  useEffect(() => {
    if (delay === null) {
      return () => {}
    const id = setInterval(() => savedCallback.current(), delay)
    return () => clearInterval(id)
  }, [delay])

export default useInterval

I didn't write this hook. I simply updated Dan Abramov's implementation of the useInterval hook. There's a brilliant article about this hook. You should definitely have a look at it to learn why you might not be able to use setInterval with react hooks.

I needed it for another project and felt like making a lib out of it šŸ™ƒ.

Then, for your index.js we simply want an entry point for us to import the hook in our other projects.

export {default as useInterval} from './use-interval'

We're set! yarn build should generate something like this:

ā”œā”€ā”€ dist
ā”‚   ā”œā”€ā”€ hooks.js
ā”‚   ā”œā”€ā”€
ā”‚   ā”œā”€ā”€ hooks.modern.js
ā”‚   ā”œā”€ā”€
ā”‚   ā”œā”€ā”€ hooks.module.js
ā”‚   ā”œā”€ā”€
ā”‚   ā”œā”€ā”€ hooks.umd.js
ā”‚   ā””ā”€ā”€
ā”œā”€ā”€ package.json
ā”œā”€ā”€ src
ā”‚   ā”œā”€ā”€ index.js
ā”‚   ā””ā”€ā”€ use-interval.js
ā””ā”€ā”€ yarn.lock

Publishing time!

I don't want to get into the specifics here but make sure you fill your peerDependencies, repository and bugs:

  "peerDependencies": {
    "react": "^16.x",
    "react-dom": "^16.x"
  "repository": {
    "type": "git",
    "url": "git+"
  "bugs": {
    "url": ""

Then you can proceed with npm cli:

npm login
npm publish --access=public

In the futre, you can run yarn add @maferland/hooks in any project to install your shiny new library. I was able to import { useInterval } from '@maferland/hooks' and make it work out of the box as you can see in this here commit.

Wishful thinking

I'll try to refine this repo to add and deploy an example project soon! I definitely hope to write some doc as well. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Enjoy!

Hey there šŸ‘‹

I hoped you like this little sample of my brain šŸ§ . If you have any questions, please reach out šŸ™

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